An Ode to Lisa Frank

August is finally upon us. As summer winds down and the days become shorter this time of year usually means one thing for many people – back to school shopping. I can’t help but get a little nostalgic around this time of year. I remember being in elementary school, carefully milling over the school supply section of kmart or the now extinct Hills department store selecting only the best school supplies my parents’ money could afford me.

For elementary school girls in the early to mid 90’s this usually meant one thing – Lisa fucking Frank. Like a dayglow nightmare, she was there to separate the “cool” girls from the plain Jane solid notebooks, and no one at that time wanted to be plain Jane solid notebook. For those that don’t remember or never experienced Lisa Frank, it was the fillet Mignon of school supplies.

Similar to many fads Lisa Frank took the school supply world by storm, then vanished seemingly overnight. It’s been years since I’ve noticed even a pencil pack, that is until now…

ImageThere I was at the Dollar Tree grabbing a few notebooks and suddenly it appeared. A wave of nostalgia came over me, gave me a swift punch in the face, and now there was no going back. I wanted it… no I needed to buy this book of stickers. My entire childhood was right there for sale, and it was only $1.

As insane as it sounds I instantly needed to find more. I went to every drugstore in town hoping to find a folder, a notebook, maybe even a pack of pencils, but my search turned up nothing. Surly Ms. Frank must still exist, but where?

After getting home, perplexed by my find I decided to look it up. A quick google turned up her official website A few items showed up on amazon and ebay respectively but otherwise, nothing.

If anyone has any leads on to where to find new or vintage Lisa Frank items, feel free to leave a comment.

Bonus: Here’s an example of what one of my many notebooks may have looked like circa 1994-95.



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